New Aussie season (GNW 17/8/09: 7 Days In 7 Seconds)

Australia’s top botanist says Australia should dump the “European mentality” & make up our own seasons. I suggest we have just 2: “Beanies” and “Budgiesmugglers”. / “Indoors” and “Out”.

Dr. Tim Entwhistle argues we have at least 5 seasons. So we should name them after the Daddos.

Dr. Tim Entwhistle argues we have at least 5 seasons. We could name them after the Jacksons. Winter should be Michael – it’s pale and cold.

He says we should slot in a new one between winter & spring. Ah yes, the coldish-warmish months of Augtember. / Sprinter.

Dr Tim Entwhistle isn’t sure what to call the new season, though he doesn’t see what’s wrong with “Entwhistle”.

That’s right – more seasons, that’ll solve everything.

Good point. I, for one, am sick of selling all my winter clothes on the 31st of August only to find that the 1st of September is slightly too cold for a T-shirt.

Australia’s top botanist says we should slot in a new season between winter & spring. Although who knows where we’re going to find those extra three months.

Dr Tim Entwhistle says we should stop having our seasons determined by the “European mentality”. Perhaps someone should tell him that if we actually were following the European model we’d currently be in the middle of summer.

Entwhistle also said Aboriginal people recognised at least 6, sometimes as many as 12 annual changes of season, what we might call “months”.

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