America’s Blackest Prez (GNW 28/9/09: 7 Days In 7 Seconds)

Barack Obama has become the first serving President to appear on David Letterman’s “Late Show”. Well, at least the first to appear willingly.

Obama’s going to try to appear on as many comedy shows as possible. It’s one area where he’s still well behind George Bush.

He was pretty funny on the show, but still not as funny as his predecessor.

Letterman asked Obama if opposition to his health plan was rooted in racism. But Obama pointed out that he “was black before the election”. Some Americans are going to be asking for their votes back.

Letterman asked Obama if opposition to his health plan was rooted in racism. But Obama pointed out that he was still well and truly white on the inside.

The opposition to the health plan isn’t rooted in racism. It’s rooted in thoroughly equal opportunity ignorance. / misinformation of all colours and creeds. / plain old American ignorance.

Obama pointed out he was black before the election. Not to mention Muslim, terrorist, socialist, and a threat to the American way of life.

In between the banter with Letterman, Obama expressed his wish that all Americans be covered by public health insurance. Ahh, what a classic!

Obama says that if his health plan gets through Congress, he should be able to finally cure his blackness.

Obama admitted that racism may be behind opposition to his “Bow Down Before The Boss Nigger” policy.

It’s all so easy for Obama, isn’t it. Every time the public are opposed to his policies, people cry racism! They never say that about white politicians!

He made a series of quips on the show, but by far the biggest joke was his insistence that the war in Afghanistan was justified! What a pisser.

He’s the first president to have appeared on the Letterman show, but no wonder – most of Letterman’s jokes are suicide bombers. / most of Letterman’s jokes die spectacular deaths, and they don’t mind taking others with them.

No matter how lame the joke, no matter how lousy the delivery, the Letterman audience always cheers and hoots and claps. It’s the best audience a president could ask for!

Obama took the opportunity to reveal that the entire Bush administration had been one big practical joke! Got us a beauty. / I mean, did anyone think that Dubya could REALLY be that dumb? C’MON!

Barack Obama is the first serving president to have ever appeared on the show. 9 more, and they’ll be able to make a top ten.

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