Trioli gives Barnaby the finger (GNW 26/10/09: 7 Days In 7 Seconds)

“ABC News Breakfast” host Virginia Trioli was forced to make an apology to Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce after being caught on camera pulling a face and twirling her finger loony-style. It’s all a terrible misunderstanding. That’s actually sign language for “Barnaby”. / “Coalition”. / “Politician”.

And you should see the faces she pulls when she’s on the radio!

On one hand, it’s hardly a professional way to act while you’re interviewing an esteemed politician. Yet on the other, Joyce is a raving looney.

If someone had’ve done that to John Howard, we might never have gone to war in Iraq.

Still it’s more adult than anything you see in Parliament.

I think we need her in Parliament – she could replace the Speaker of the House.

Of course, Barnaby saw the whole thing. He just thought she was having a conniption.

I think we’ve found a replacement for the election popularity worm – the Trioli face of judgment!

Still, it’s better getting caught for a twirly-finger insane gesture than for the hand gestures she makes when she’s interviewing Rudd. / than for the (tongue in cheek blowjob gesture) she does when she’s interviewing Kevin Rudd.

Joyce: “Penny Wong will have to resign because her position is completely untenable because it goes against everything that she set down in her diatribe which she so, you know, gave with such dictum, on the 9 point plan some time ago.” If Barnaby isn’t a loony, then perhaps he was just having a senior moment. / lapsing into senility.

Once she realised the gesture had gone to air, Trioli apologised to Joyce. But she’ll be damned if she apologises for all the things she did that DIDN’T make it to air.

Trioli later apologised, saying the gesture was not directed at Senator Joyce. She was genuinely having a spaz attack.

Trioli later apologised, though it didn’t count because she had her fingers crossed – nyer nyer!

Trioli is now hosting a new version of Question Time called “Are You Spazzier than a 5th Grader?”

Once she realised the gesture had gone to air, Trioli apologised to Joyce. Well, der Fred.

Joyce accepted her apology, and responded, “Maybe I am crazy. Maybe this isn’t parliament but an asylum. And if I’m not Barnaby, who am I? And then, who is Barnaby?” His school years were an endless loop of philosophy. / And you should have seen the existential crisis he had when he was called a “ploppy pants”.

And tomorrow morning on “ABC News Breakfast”, Trioli will be giving Malcolm Turnbull a wedgie, nipple crippling Joe Hockey, and saying Wilson Tuckey stinks like wee. (Dammit – that’s meant to be my job!)

Fair go, Virginia. He’s not a loony, he’s a NATIONAL. They’re all like that!

Well, it worked for Maxine McKew.

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