Iranian women can watch sport (The Glass House 10/5/06)

Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has repealed a ban on Iranian women attending sports stadiums. That’ll be great – particularly for the women’s events.

The White House said that dropping the sexist law is further proof that Ahmadinejad is a dangerously unhinged fundamentalist and must be nuked at once.

Ahmadinejad decided to drop the ban after he noticed Iran kept coming last in women’s track and field events. Although it is still difficult to do the high jump in a hajib.

The President declared that “Experience has proven that when women and families are allowed into stadiums, ethics and chastity will prevail.” His experience obviously hasn’t included a trip to the MCG on Boxing Day…

Up until now Iranian women have only been able to attend sporting events if they dressed up as men. With this new repealing of the law, the fake moustache business is going to plummet.

The repealing of the law has caused an outcry amongst Iranian hardliners and fake moustache retailers.

Iranian hardline MPs have been angered by the decision, warning of the dangers of bare legs and spectators shouting obscenities. Bare legs and obscenities should be saved for the home!

Mahmoud said that when women are allowed into sporting events, “ethics and chastity” will prevail. Because sportsmen are the epitome of ethics and chastity.

Some of the first events women will be attending includes halal jelly wrestling and wet burka competitions.

George W Bush is disappointed: freeing the oppressed women of Iran was his best excuse to invade.

Dubya immediately responded by banning women from all US sporting events. “If Iran’s doin’ it, it must be bad!”

The White House has demanded the Iranian President reinstates the law – so they can re-repeal it once they’ve taken over…

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