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Human Petrol Deposit (The Glass House 7/6/06)

When a German woman wasn’t able to pay for her petrol, she left behind her friend as a deposit. Well, it was bound to happen: new friends are less than a dollar twenty a litre!

The friend had the last laugh though – the driver had left her with her four-cents-off voucher.

She had a four-cents-off voucher, so she got to keep her friend’s left foot.

The police interrogated the stranded “deposit” for two hours before releasing her. One hour of that was spent haggling at the local Cash Converters, but they already had a whole shelf of used friends.

The two had only become friends when the driver had used her mother to buy petrol previously and been given the other woman in change.

It seems like a pretty serious deposit for a tank of petrol. She should have gotten at least a couple of children change.

The cops finally arrested her, but she used another friend as bail.

The cops finally arrested her, and fined her $500. She had to give them her whole mothers’ club. / “What d’you think I am, made of friends?”

The problem with petrol thieves is that if you try to pursue them you know they can keep driving for hours…

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