Hogan’s Heroes get zero (The Glass House 26/7/06)

Veterans’ Affairs Minister Bruce Billson has said that former prisoners from Nazi prison camps have been undermined by Hogan’s Heroes. The RSL National President agreed that imprisonment under the Germans was not like being at “some holiday camp”. It was more like a really tough study camp. That’s why they were called “concentration” camps…

Hah! Next they’ll be saying the French Resistance wasn’t all about waitresses’ breasts! / Next they’ll be saying Gilligan’s Island wasn’t realistic either!

Being in a POW camp is much less like being in Hogan’s Heroes and much more like being forced to watch it.

So the real life experience of being a prisoner of war isn’t like being in a wacky sitcom? I might cancel that holiday to Iraq… / Guantanamo… / Abu Ghraib…

Maybe they should make a sitcom about Guantanamo Bay! They could call it Everybody Loves Osama

Maybe they should make a sitcom about Abu Ghraib! They could call it Everybody Loves Torture!

Unlike Nazi POWs, the government have given compensation payments of $25,000 to anyone who was a captive of the Japanese in World War 2. Surely it would’ve been cheaper just to make a new sitcom? Hirohito’s Heroes!

Other sitcoms made around the same time, but not so fondly remembered, are “Welcome Back Hitler”, “Some Nazi’s do ‘ave ’em”, and “Are You Being Gassed”. (RESERVE TITLES: “Yes Fuhrer”, “Auschwitz Dear Auschwitz”, “Hitler’s Half Hour”, and “To the Oven Born” …er …have we gone too far?)

Why should Korean POWs get a payment? Haven’t you seen MASH? Those guys had the time of their lives!

We’re going to give $25,000 dollars to the guys who lived? They’re a bunch of whinging bludgers! Did they die for their country? I don’t think so!

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