Sue your parents (The Glass House 9/8/06)

An American woman is suing her parents for $183,000 after slipping on their path and breaking her ankle. Lucky it wasn’t her good ankle.

Imagine how much she’d be suing for if she’d died.

She’s hoping that the $183,000 might be enough to buy herself a heart.

Carriel Louah slipped on her parents’ icy path after paying them a surprise visit. Then she surprised them again with her massive lawsuit. She just loves surprises!

It had to be a surprise visit, otherwise they might have cleaned the ice of the driveway in preparation for her. And then what would she sue for?

She just dropped by for a surprise visit – “Surprise! You owe me $183,000!”

She’s also suing them for naming her “Carriel”, and for raising her to be a money-grubbing ungrateful bitch.

She claims that her parents have admitted having “faulty guttering”. Apparently they also have faulty children.

The parents have faulty guttering, and, they realise now, faulty contraception. / a faulty genepool.

The parents are planning to cover all the footpaths around the courthouse with ice. “With any luck she’ll break her neck this time!”

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