Rogues’ Gallery (The Glass House 9/8/06)

Bush and Bunny
– “Let the madness commence!”
– Slow and steady wins the race…
– Bush blows a whistle to announce the appointment of the new US Defence Minister.
– Dick Cheney finally gets a turn in the bunny suit.
– Flopsy Cottontail – the next governor of Texas.
– Osama bin Laden really is the master of disguise!
– Bush still on the hunt for a Rabbit of Mass Destruction.
– Mad hatter forgets hat.
– Dubya in Wonderland finds whistle that says “Blow me”.
– Dubya officially starts the “War on Sanity”.
– Tough gig being most powerful man of Earth: bombing civilians one day, blowing whistles with giant rabbits the next.
– Rabbit found behind Bush.
– International Rodent Soccer Day opened by whistling Bush.
– Rabbit shocked: President eats whistle.
– Rabbit fooled by lifelike President suit.

Arnie & Tony
– The good Terminator finally befriends the liquid metal Terminator.
– (through clenched teeth) “Not now Tony, I think the camera’s on us…”
– In public, Tony and Arnie could only rub foreheads.
– World leaders enjoy a Vulcan mind-meld.
– Diplomacy is much simpler now, although telekinesis only works at very short range.
– (Tony:) “Is that an environmental bill in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”
– Teflon Tony and the Terminator grease each others’ sprockets.
– “Hasta la vista, Tony.”
– “Don’t worry baby – I’ll be back.”
– (Tony:) “Gosh, Arnold – I’m married.”
– (Tony:) “My word, that is a very hard muscle.”
– (Tony:) “My, is it hot in here, or is that just climate change?”
– (Tony:) “Say it one more time Arnie… oooh, you make me feel like a schoolgirl again.”
– Arnold and Tony push for gay marriage.
– Terminator 4: Headbutt Day
– The Terminator meets the Terminal.
– “I’ll swallow if you do.”
– “Can you believe they re-elected George?”
– “It’s not a tumour – it’s the British PM!”

Pammy & Kid wed
– They saved the traditional wedding dress for the honeymoon video.
– Pamela was too busy with her intricate wedding gown to check her hat was straight.
– Pamela had always dreamed of a traditional fake tan wedding.
– Kid Rock was looking forward to their honeymoon when they could finally strip down to their tendons.
– Pamela Anderson: captain of the Good Ship Boobies.
– The bride stripped bare.
– And if the ship sinks, everyone can use Pammy as a floatation device.
– Kid Rock’s got it all: booze, cigars, sluts – why’d he ruin it by getting married?
– Pammy checks her wedding dress is still covering her enormous breasts.
– Pamela gives Kid Rock a wedding present: a couple of showbags.
– Captain Pammy checks her floaties.
– Pammy and Kid Rock decide to get bouncy castle for wedding.
– Less clothes equals less time wasted on wedding night…
– Kid Rock’s special day only happens once, but he’ll always treasure those special mammaries.

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