Blackout Boom (The Glass House 23/8/06)

New Orleans has experienced a baby boom as a result of blackouts caused by Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes it takes a blackout to reignite the sparks.

A lot of the amorousness was caused by random fumbling in the dark. “Is this a candle?” “No, baby… but you can blow it out!”

Without TV and the internet, men had to satisfy their porn needs by turning to their wives.

Well, with the electricity out, there was so little left to do – it was either sex or evacuation.

“Well, it was either have sex or evacuate. Which would you choose?”

The inhabitants of New Orleans took their time leaving the devastated city – after all, they didn’t want to have a premature evacuation…

“Just lie back and think of The Glass House…”

See? If you weren’t watching TV right now, you could be goin’ for it!

I guess blind people must be banging each other all the time!

Men are simple like that: “Oh, no TV: let’s root.”

Apparently blackouts are great for sex: couples don’t have to look at each other’s flabby spotty bodies, and can fantasise that they’re watching TV.

It was a boon for ugly couples: “that’s the first time I’ve kept my eyes open since we got married!”

“Oh… oh… I’m flooding… I’m flooding!”

I guess being stuck in your home with no food, electricity, heating, and little hope of rescue, there’s not much else you can do. It’s sex or Scrabble, really.

Could also be the romance of suddenly having a waterfront property…

Disaster areas are always hotbeds of lurve: “You’ll probably be drowned tomorrow” always works.

Well, with 26000 people crammed into that Superdome, some accidental penetration was bound to occur.

But they weren’t all having sex in the blackout. Many people just played games like “Murder in the Dark”, before moving on to games like “Looting in the Dark”…

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