Oz’s scariest women (The Glass House 13/9/06)

Men’s mag FHM has published a list of Australia’s scariest women, including Germaine Greer, Naomi Robson and Amanda Vanstone. The list was clearly incomplete though – they didn’t even mention Scary Spice.

And Scary Spice wasn’t even on the list. All this time she was lying to us!

But Mandy Vandy’s really not that scary. Look at her. You just want to go up and give her a big cuddle! You’d need a few friends, but I swear it could be done.

Amanda’s only really scary if you’re in detention, are mentally ill, or are trapped in a buffet with her.

Big Brother and Today Tonight still rate well, despite their hosts apparent “scariness”. Either they aren’t really so scary, or a lot of guys love to be treated mean…

Gretel Killeen? Rhonda Burchmore? Naomi Robson? Where’s the female equivalents of Osama, Saddam and Abu Bakar Bashir? Come on girls, lift your game!

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