Too lazy to do her duty (The Glass House 27/9/06)

A 103 year old woman has been excused from jury duty because it would interfere with her afternoon nap. Really? I think she’s taking this jury duty thing too seriously.

Well that’s ironic. I used my jury duty to catch up on sleep. Hey, the guy looked guilty; I didn’t need to hear all that “evidence”.

She didn’t want to fall asleep on jury duty – that’s the prerogative of the judge.

Phyllis Perkins said in her application to be excused that “You get to be 103 and things aren’t all there.” Unfortunately she mailed the application to Judge Judy.

We need more 100 year olds on juries. (Old timey voice) “I find you guilty of being a young whippersnapper with no respect for your elders – back in my day, you’d be given a good thrashing and get no pudding. Off with his head!”

“Do you find the defendent guilty or not guilty?” “…Sorry?”

She was afraid of falling asleep and, besides, work wouldn’t let her take time off. They’re strict there at “Work Till You Drop”.

Justice may be blind, but it’s not deaf and incontinent too.

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