APEC costumes for Sydney 2007 (The Glass House 15/11/06)

Wow, these were actually credited to “Mat & Wok”! Those Glass House folks are so nice. We’re going to miss it, make no mistake… (sniff)

What will the leaders be wearing at APEC next year as “traditional Australian dress”? Well, they could wear the great Aussie cozzie:
The great Aussie cozzie
But maybe it would be more tasteful to go with something more traditional:
Traditional Aussie wear
And we could also celebrate our love of sport:
Traditional Aussie wear with a sporty twist
Traditional Aussie wear for an early morning jog
Or we could celebrate our love of celebrating sport:
APEC beer - in hat form at last!
C'mon APEC C'mon
Or perhaps something culturally sensitive:
Or perhaps something culturally sensitive

Though you can’t go past the great Aussie T-shirt:
Aussie values!  Oi! Oi! Oi!
Australia Welcomes Banana Republics
Where the Bloody Hell Are We?
Have You Assimilated Yet
Vote 1 Howard

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