We were making a fortune selling the eggs (The Glass House 22/11/06)

A 26 year old British woman has put her eggs up for sale on the Internet to pay off a 15,000 pound credit card debt. She got heavily into debt a few weeks ago when she bought 5000 dozen eggs. “I had a real craving!”

To pay off a 15,000 pound debt, a 26 year old British woman has put her eggs up for sale. And if she doesn’t make enough selling her own eggs, she might be forced to sell her own chicken.

She’s hoping that by donating her eggs, an infertile couple can be blessed with a child that she can pass her credit card debt on to.

It’s illegal to sell your eggs in the UK, but big business in the US, where she’s hoping to flog her eggs. She’s just got to hope they don’t go off in the trans-Atlantic flight. No-one wants to give birth to a baby that smells of rotten eggs.

Selling eggs is big business in the States, but you sell one child into slavery, and you get in trouble! And they call it a democracy!

In the US, people pay up to $50,000 for human eggs; which is about what we pay for bananas.

Couples in the US will pay up to $50,000 for the eggs of a young, healthy woman. And up to 100,000 for her boobs.

$50,000 for eggs – that’s one expensive omelette.

But it’s worth it: there’s nothing more delicious than HUMAN QUICHE!

Egg donors artificially stimulate their ovaries to release more eggs than normal, which can result in infertility or even death. But at least she’ll die with a clean credit record.

Egg donors can get $50 000 for artificially stimulating their ovaries. If only I could get $50 000 for artificially stimulating my testicles! I reckon I’d be a millionaire in about three days!

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