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What I’m doing on my holidays

Eagle-eyed observers will have noted that GNW doesn’t appear to be on air at the moment, and blog updates full of our usual quality-control-free wit-spewing have also been thin on the ground. You’d probably be assuming that we’d be spending our unemployed time sucking down bongs, sculling cheap whiskey and lying in pools of our own vomit, but the fact is that doesn’t pay as well as it used to, even though the ALP’s in power. Not like the good ol’ days.

In fact I’m awaiting the arrival of my second son, who could be here any day, or indeed minute. And until he arrives, I can’t even use the baby bonus to feed and clothe the first one. So while we wait for GNW to resurrect (little birds tell me it should be back on October 13, but don’t quote me…) we’ve been finding other things to keep us occupied.

And for that I have to give a little shout out to the lovely people at Film Victoria, who have actually funded two major projects that I’m working on. Firstly there’s The Butterfly Ball, the animated musical which I mentioned last year they’d funded for me to take to a Treatment. Well that was a wholly positive experience, we now have a rip-roaring little story, and Film Vic have been pleased enough with the results to fund us further to take it to a first draft screenplay. This is tremendously exciting, and I’ve just stepped into the breach once more with Producer Anthony Woodcock, Script Editor Kelly Lefever and Script Consultant Stella Kinsella, evil geniuses one and all.

Film Vic have also funded Mat and I to produce a production bible for a TV narrative comedy series with a working title of First Fleet (a name that is likely to change by the next time you read about it). Again we’re working with the esteemed Kelly Lefever as Script Editor, along with Director Tony Rogers and Producer Jason Byrne. At this stage all I can tell you about the project is that if it goes ahead, it will give you a vision of Australia’s founding that you definitely haven’t seen before.

Mat and I have also finally put the finishing touches to the first draft of our second feature screenplay, We’re Doomed… DOOOMED!!, the film that slowly unravels virtually every conspiracy theory known to man and reveals the horrifying truth! It’s taken us a few years to finish this draft off our own bat, but hopefully we can find some funding body or production company interested in taking it further.

All in all, I’m hardly missing the gagsmithing. Which isn’t to say I won’t welcome its return.


By Wok

Warwick Holt is a highly experienced, award-winning screenwriter, who has written for many of Australia’s top comedians and presenters, and the Emperor of this here Media Empire.

2 replies on “What I’m doing on my holidays”

We’re all looking forward to the return of GNW, but, my, you’ve been busy in the meantime. Two screenplays and a bible? Well done, both. You will let us know when any of this is coming to a screen near us, won’t you?
Congratulations also to Mr & Mrs W. on the (still imminent?) birth of junior. I suspect you won’t be missing lying in pools of your own vomit in the near future, bodily fluids being babies’ stock in trade.
And, hey, a reference to Dad’s Army for good measure.
Can’t wait till October. Not long now.

Thanks Fiona! Yes there will be news published here if and when there’s anything to tell, and I’m allowed to tell it. I’m sure if something’s making to a screen I’ll be allowed.

I’m afraid I don’t actually know what Dad’s Army reference I made. No, not afraid, what’s that other thing? Oh yeah, proud.

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