Toad legs: delicious (Good News Week 20/10/08: What’s the Story)

An American TV chef has invented a new dish in the Northern Territory: cane toad legs in garlic and white wine sauce. Mmm, toady!

Considering how much sugar they eat, they still taste surprisingly toad-like.

Cane toad may be the ultimate food animal. Not only does it taste just like chicken, but you’re allowed to club it to death with a baseball bat!

Great idea! About time there was a meal you can catch yourself with a cricket bat.

Ah, cane toads. The only kinda chicken that gets you high.

He had it deep-fried with sweet chilli sauce, and prepared with a garlic and white wine sauce. He didn’t want any of the actual flavour accidentally getting through.

The chef prepared the toad legs in garlic and white wine, and deep fried them with sweet chilli sauce. Anything to make them taste less like toad legs.

He loves nothing more than travelling to exotic places, and butchering the local fauna. / and seeing all their strange native animals – deep-fried in chilli sauce.

The chefs skinned the legs to avoid the toads’ skin toxins. But you may wish to leave the skin on and just enjoy the psychotropic marinade… “Dude! I’m eating a toad! Toadally!”

The chefs skinned the legs to avoid the toads’ skin toxins, which are known for their psychoactive effects. In fact, one lick can make the toad legs taste delicious. / almost edible.

But if we start eating all our cane toads, what are we going to whack with golf clubs? / But if we start eating all our cane toads, Queenslanders are going to have to start using their golf clubs for golf!

It could be a great way to both reduce toad numbers and prepare us for when climate change reduces our diet to toads and cockroaches.

Eating toad legs is a great way to reduce the cane toad population. And even better, you can leave their torsos and heads behind to croak a grim warning to others!

If only we could eat all our ecological crises.

I’m not sure eating an animal actually reduces its numbers. I mean we eat sheep and cows, but you go out to any farm, and there they are!

The toad legs were described as tasting like chicken, though slimier, stringier, tougher and less flavoursome.

And just remember kiddies – just because cane toads taste like chicken, doesn’t mean you should dip your little bread soldiers into their spawn.

But we should be careful before embracing toad legs too fully as a nation. Remember what happened to the Frogs!

The show spent a week in the Top End eating obscure foods: deep fried eucalyptus, bandicoot gonads, emu droppings… it’s a gourmand’s dream!

The US program Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern caught 69 toads with the help of cane toad elimination group FrogWatch. They’re committed to wiping out toads so there aren’t so many false frog alarms.

Frogwatch’s Erin Britton said that if they proved safe to eat, it may help curb the toads’ population. Although I’m not sure that eating them will actually help reduce numbers any more than just killing them does already.

Frogwatch’s Erin Britton tried some of the toad, saying that that if they proved safe to eat, it may help curb the toads’ population, and, if they proved to be fatal, she was already as good as dead. / would someone please call an ambulance.

In light of the recent taste-test, FrogWatch will now be changing its name to ToadEat.

If a group dedicated to wiping out cane toads is called “Frog Watch”, what’s the real reason for “Neighbourhood Watch”…? OH NO!!!

I can see it now – the Australia of the future, where we’re eating nothing but kangaroo and cane toad, our houses are powered by solar and wind power, and instead of cars we’re riding around on giant genetically-modified wombats! Bring it on!

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