Media Empire's Warwick Holt has written/directed/produced several documentaries which examine obsessions: politics, music, movies and comedy.

New Horizons In Violence
New Horizons In Violence (2007, 48 mins.)

A hilarious and chilling war-on-terror-musical-mashup-docu-comedy-concept-album featuring web cult hits like The World's Worst Leaders, War President, N.H.I.V. Are Evil, Information Overlords and The Preserved Head of John Howard.
Democratic Logic
Democratic Logic (2007, 4 mins.)

A comic explanation of the mathematical flaws of voting systems, using a mock Australian election as an example.
Hard Rock Jukebox - Unleeshed in the East!
Hard Rock Jukebox - Unleeshed in the East! (2003, 7 mins.)

A rockumentary telling the story of the atrocious local hard rock cover band Hard Rock Jukebox, returning to the stage more than five years after their first, and to date only, gig.
Hot Rod Rumble
Hot Rod Rumble (2002, 10 mins.)

The story of a young man's obsession with rockabilly. From the cars to the clothes to forming his own band, every moment of his waking life is devoted to his love of the old '50s rebellious teenage rockers. But just how rebellious can you be idolising the lifestyle of your parents?
The PhanDom Menace
The PhanDom Menace (2000, 62 mins.)

The story of the key members of an Australian Star Wars fan club around the time of the launch of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, and how lives can be altered by a film.
Just For Laughs?
Just For Laughs? (1999, 26 mins.)

The story of Warwick's trip to the 1998 Montreal comedy festival. A tale of searching for laughter, one way or another.