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Media Empire today released five classic episodes of the Melbourne comedy radio series Nyah Nyah for free download.

Broadcast on PBS-FM between 1997-98, Nyah Nyah created 29 segments that shook the comedy world out of its nest of complacency to leave it, kicking and bleeding on the ground of complacency. In those heady days, it was like the city would grind to a halt at around 11:36 and a half pm for somewhere between 10 and 17 minutes while its very fabric was tested.

The show featured characters and sketches which sometimes overlapped, as if they co-exist in their own sick little world, years before any of us had heard of The League of Gentlemen.

If you dare to download, bear in mind the production and some of the performances are pretty bootleg. Writing and producing a weekly comedy show between three amateurs in PBS’s off-air studio as it fell down around our ears was sometimes a challenge.

Everyone’s gone on to more high-fallutin’ things since then, Mat and Wok to writing for The Glass House, Matthew producing and air traffic controlling for Channel 31.

Anyway, enough of my yakkin’. Download now from:

By Wok

Warwick Holt is a highly experienced, award-winning screenwriter, who has written for many of Australia's top comedians and presenters, and the Emperor of this here Media Empire.

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