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One door closes, several revolve

G’day folks,

Sorry I’ve been pretty much incommunicado lately. You probably all thought I’d shrunk into my hermit crab shell with the cancellation of The Glass House and have been hoarding ammunition and tinned food in preparation for a brutal massacre in which none will be spared. But that’s only half-true.

In fact I’ve had so much writing on my plate I haven’t had the time to spit on my blog. (Nor the technology. Be grateful.)

GNW-TV (the production team behind The Glass House) are making a new show for the ABC. Details (including to the best of my knowledge a title) are still all being thrashed out so I can’t say much more, save that there should be more work for Mat and I there. Hopefully we’ll know more any day now, but it would be a rash assumption to rely upon it.

As for what this means for the usual content of this blog, I’m not sure. I guess it depends on whether any of the work is of a similar style to The Glass House, and at this point that’s unknown. So you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled.

I’m also working with Mat on at least one segment for the pilot episode of The Ministry of Truth which has gotten some funding from Arts Qld and has interest from ABC2.

In November I was selected as one of three finalists from a field of 250-plus to pitch a new feature idea of mine, The Devil’s in the Details, at the Screen Producer’s (SPAA) conference on the Gold Coast. I didn’t win the trip to Cannes but I did get airfare, accomodation, conference registration and a chance to mix it with the hoi polloi of the film and TV industry. Mmm, hoi polloi, delicious.

Meanwhile, Sells Like Teen Spirit and We’re Doomed… DOOMED!! creep ever closer to the screen…

And of course that little boy of mine just keeps getting more adorable. But I’ll let him tell you about that over at his blog.


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