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Prior to setting up Media Empire, founder Warwick Holt was employed for five years as I.T. Manager of Australia's largest independent music company, Shock Music Group. In that time he oversaw the company expand into e-commerce and B2B, as well as helping to establish their fulfillment division.

Shock web siteMay 25, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:
Re Warwick Holt

Warwick Holt was employed by Shock Records as IT Manager in October of 1996.

Initially employed to oversee the maintenance of Shock's custom built warehousing, sales and distribution computer package, Warwick demonstrated an ability to quickly grasp the task at hand and within a short period of time established himself as a key member of Shock's staff.

In the four and a half years since, the size of the company has more than doubled, and Warwick has played an integral role in ensuring that our IT capabilities matched the changing needs of the business. The IT team grew from 2 to 6 people in that time, and Warwick essentially built that team into an efficient and coherent support and development resource for the company. As a programmer he was particularly valuable in designing reporting and other utilities with a view to the core needs of the business, which he developed a comprehensive grasp of.

His initiative, dedication and skill was exemplary throughout his time with the company, and I am confident that he would demonstrate similar qualities to whatever he puts his mind to.

Warwick has also proved to be a popular member of staff, with excellent interpersonal skills, a healthy sense of humour and an ability to explain complicated IT concepts to everyone from the proprietors down to the warehouse staff.

Warwick has chosen to leave Shock to pursue other interests. Whilst he will be sorely missed on both a professional and personal level by all of us at Shock, I wish him all the best for the future and am confident that he will achieve success with whatever he turns his mind to in the future.

With his excellent technical skills, natural articulacy and strong personality, I think Warwick would suit any role that required a dedicated and hard working IT professional with strong interpersonal skills.

Charles Caldas

Shock Music Group