Writing Services

I may be Emperor of this Media Empire, but I love nothing more than collaborating. The greatest thing about screenwriting for me is getting to play with others. Combining skills with other talents is a joyous way to create.

If you want someone to help bring your ideas to written life, I offer a range of writing services, from Director’s Treatments for TVCs, to pitch decks, funding applications, and of course, scripts.

I once wrote something north of 60,000 jokes for mainstream Aussie TV shows, so I know how to word a gag that hits middle Australia. My writing has also travelled worldwide via the subversive, dry comedy of Bruce, for which the writing (alongside the marvellous Mat) was awarded everywhere from LA to Sicily to Buenos Aires. I’ve also written many articles to accompany the heartfelt stories put together by the brilliant production team at The Project. It’s that blend of humour and heart that is at the core of this particular Emperor’s approach to the craft of writing.

So while I’m developing my own slate, you can also hit me up for virtually any type of writing. Such as: