Warwick Holt has had a long career creating video content for TV and online. The below playlists feature highlights from the past 25 years.

BRUCE – 7 x 10 minute multi-award-winning web series.
Comedy videos from The Project, Good News Week, The Glass House and many other places.
Music videos from e-Wok, New Horizons In Violence and Plastic Spacemen.
Factual web series MOVE and That Startup Show, as well as the Star Wars fan doco The PhanDom Menace.


Albums by Wok’s 90s band Plastic Spacemen are available on many streaming platforms, with the most comprehensive on the Spacemen’s home page on Bandcamp. Wok’s personal picks of his songwriting highlights is included on the below Spotify playlist, including tracks from his solo project e-Wok as well as Spacemen tracks.