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Things not fit to be broadcast

Regular visitors to my house will be aware that I am the “co-author” of some “jokes” that appear on ABC-TV’s The Glass House.

The way it works is this. A couple of days a fortnight Mat Blackwell and I get faxed a few news stories. By close of play we send back as many of what we loosely define as jokes as we can. The Head Writer (not as sexy a job as it sounds) then chooses the ones that he wants to present to the writing meeting with the Talent, Directors, Producers etc. They then cull further. And again. Then it gets filmed, and finally edited down further.

So a lot of comedy bronze falls by the wayside along the way. But here at the offices of Media Empire, we believe that our reader should be able to choose what it is that they consider unfit for broadcast. So stay tuned to this blog for the raw unfiltered Blackwell & Holt. First chunk damn soon.

By Wok

Warwick Holt is a highly experienced, award-winning screenwriter, who has written for many of Australia’s top comedians and presenters, and the Emperor of this here Media Empire.

2 replies on “Things not fit to be broadcast”

Uncanny convergance – I think Mat Blackwell may be one of the lads I knew as a very little tacker – if he has a brother called Ben, and his mum’s name is Lois? He used to have a big Dr Who “prime computer” poster on the wall – the one with Tom Baker and K9 in it.

That’s him. Sadly Lois died a couple of months ago. In happier news I can now hang shit about his early childhood nerd-dom.

Except, bugger, Dr Who becomes cool again this week doesn’t it?

More convergence.

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