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Correcting “Mistakes” in Squishbook

Why I got out the red pen to correct 997 Squishbooks.

As I mentioned last post, I’m a contributing writer to Squishbook, a new book about and full of comics for kids. Well now, Squishbook has been let loose on an unsuspecting public, and it’s awesome! Get one now over here, or grab one at an event on the Squishbookmobile’s upcoming tour of Victoria, including the launch at the Squishface Open Day on April 7.

This new comics anthology by 13 local artists and writers is a silly, but truthful, guide to how and why children should make their own comics and stories.
It also contains
- questions from schoolchildren
- a talking bum
- secret cyphers
- monster guide
- ibis

But just before Christmas, before it could reach the general public, I had to correct a mistake. A Mistake mistake. It took quite some correcting.

Look, why don’t I let Squishbook editor David Blumenstein and myself explain in person:

Squishbook: a story of perfection

I did mix it up of course. Some were straight lines, some were squiggles, and quite a few copies got X’s. Each copy has been individually defaced by me!

So when you pick up a Squishbook online or at one of the events below, look for my red pen on page 4, and rest assured knowing that there aren’t no mistakes.

In 2024, Squishbook is touring! Come say hi and get your book at:
G:Zines, Geelong, Vic (Mar 16)
Ceres Harvest Festival, Brunswick, Vic (Mar 23)
Clunes Booktown Festival, Clunes, Vic (Mar 23-24)
Readings Kids, Carlton, Vic (April 6)
Squishbook launch @ Squishface Studio! (April 7)
Readings, St Kilda, Vic (April 13)
Dandy-Con, Dandenong, Vic (April 27)

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