Books News

Correcting “Mistakes” in Squishbook

Why I got out the red pen to correct 997 Squishbooks.

Books News

I’m in a book – Squishbook!

SQUISHBOOK is a book for kids put together by the talented and lovely comic artists at Squishface Studio, and I’m thrilled to have been a contributing writer.

Film Flip News

Flipping the script

I’m so grateful to Screen Australia for supporting Alli Parker and I to write a draft of FLIP, a genre-smashing film about the role Australia played in the birth of competitive women’s skateboarding, a sport which, 20 years later, has become an Olympic highlight.

Film Glass House Music News

Lost in the past…

It was 20 years ago todayish… Craig Tonkin and I released a doco, The PhanDom Menace, about a Star Wars fan club around the time of the release of the first prequel, Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It ended up being distributed on DVD around the world, marking the first time I was paid for […]

Bruce The Project

The Facts Missing From The Australia Day Argument

Does January 26 actually mark the arrival of the British on our shores – or the French? (Originally published 25 January 2019 on The Project website.) Here at The Project, we absolutely love Australia. We’re true blue fair dinkum bonza cobbers, jolly jumbuck rustling billabong swagpeople, by jingo. I hope that establishes our patriotic credentials. […]

Bruce Film News

BRUCE has landed

After 228 years and even more drafts, may I present to you the show that will challenge everything you think you know about the First Fleet: BRUCE. BRUCE – The Full Series For more information on this incredible black comedy convict web series, starring Richard Davies, Dave Lawson, Angus Sampson, visit Or you could […]

Bruce News

Bruce is coming… very soon…

Hello readers, or spambots or whoever’s looking this way. According to the logs, there still seem to be tens of thousands of you per month, so I apologise to any actual humans who have been checking back here on a regular basis in the hope of seeing some new content. Those of you who are […]

Bruce Film News The Project

Back from the dead

Well it has been a bloody long time since I’ve posted here. Sorry about that, old chums. So here’s an update about goings-on at The Empire. Since August, I’ve been working at The Project as a writer and web producer, which means running the content on their web site, as well as writing possible jokes […]

Bruce Film Glass House Good News Week News

New beginnings, hackneyed endings

Greetings, browsers of the “Internet”, Well the most exciting news of our career thus far is finally out in the open, so here it is. Bruce is “under development” with the ABC. See here or here for UNDENIABLE PROOF! So we’re heads down with our little creative team to make the final case that this […]

Good News Week

That was a year, it was (GNW 23/11/09: monologue)

It was all happening in our quiet little corner of the world.    Dictatorship in Fiji, anti-govt riots in Thailand, terrorist training camps in Indonesia, recession in Japan, missile tests in North Korea, a new cold war between China & the U.S., & right next to it all… us!  The Indian-bashing, Sri Lankan-drowning, gollywog-impersonating good guys. […]