About The Empire

Warwick Holt & Mat Blackwell - winners are grinnersWarwick Holt is a screenwriter who’s been honoured with five AWGIE Awards (not to mention a gold record and a Masters degree in Mathematics).  He's now so blasé, he can afford to insert them up the nose of his long-time collaborator and partner-in-crime Mat Blackwell.

In November 2016, Warwick & Mat's long-awaited convict black comedy series, BRUCE, was released. Directed by WILFRED and HOW TO TALK AUSTRALIANS director Tony Rogers, the retelling of the story of the First Fleet was a hit with critics and audiences alike, winning over 20 awards worldwide.

Holt & Blackwell's other award-winning work has involved churning out gags for Channel 10's comedy show GOOD NEWS WEEK, though they've also written for shows such as THE GLASS HOUSE, THE SIDESHOW, GOOD NEWS WORLD, THE GREAT DEBATE, FORLORN GAZE, THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH and THE COMEDY FESTIVAL OPENING SUPERSHOW.

Warwick's also Senior Writer with THE PROJECT, where he gagsmiths for broadcast, writes stories and manages content for their web site and occasionally makes a poorly-acted cameo.

In his "spare time" Warwick's written a number of yet-to-be-produced screenplays, including the Film Victoria-backed animated musical THE BUTTERFLY BALL and the apocalyptic comedy THE DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS..

And then there's all the documentaries, satirical music vids, radio sketches and web sites he's produced. And children. Must remember the children.

For many years Wok & Mat posted their source fodder for GNW, THE GLASS HOUSE and THE SIDESHOW up on the Media Empire blog, as a home outside the head writer's PC. They remain preserved as an archive of largely unused jokes for every occasion, and as a glimpse at the iceberg technique of comedy creation.

Warwick reverse-merged all aspects of himself into Media Empire in 2005, and it now stands as a home for writing, web-work, producing and unassailable control of the global agenda.