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Xander and Xorctron

G’day again,

Firstly, pleased to announce the birth of Alexander Holt shortly after that last post. All is going well so far. The family’s had a surprisingly smooth transition to being a four-piece, though my workload’s about to get a lot less flexible with the return to GNW writing next week, so if there are a disproportionate number of jokes about pooey nappies and sleep deprivation I apologise in advance.

At this stage diminutives are still not finally settled, so he could be known as Alex, Al, Xander or just plain Der. Hopefully not the last.

Speaking of names beginning with X, I’m pleased to announce that Mat and I have finally gotten time to let loose on the interwebs our animations Xorctron and Uglifex Prime, a series about alien overlord vaudevillian comics with a natty line in human jokes. This was a project we originally put together as a proposed segment for The Sideshow, but which never made it past the pilots. And we all know how what happened to that show. Not that I’m suggesting evil alien overlords exerted control over the ABC programming department. (Though I’m not not suggesting it.)

So anyway it’s finally found its way to the natural home of evil alien comedy: Youtube. And you can get all five episodes we’ve made to date over here. Tremble in your boots, Earthlings, you are but fodder for intergalactic bad jokes! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Check back in two weeks for your regular dose of comic leftovers and refuse.


By Wok

Warwick Holt is a highly experienced, award-winning screenwriter, who has written for many of Australia’s top comedians and presenters, and the Emperor of this here Media Empire.

One reply on “Xander and Xorctron”

Much congratulating and well-wishing to you and yours. May the little one escape the two Scottish diminutives of the name, Sandy and Eck (or Wee Eck, if you really want to rub it in).
We sympathise with the workload but at the same time we’re glad to hear it’s increasing, because we’ve all been going even more nuts at the unexpected break in transmission. But don’t worry, there’s bound to be a politician you can hang a nappy reference or two off.
Bad ABC programmers/evil alien warlords. We were kind of hoping the break might have been something to do with, I don’t know, a Christmas special of Sideshow or something. We still miss it badly. I will go watch what they tried to deny the world.
By the way, it was Private Fraser (I think) from Dad’s Army who used to say, “We’re doomed, DOOMED.” You have to say it in a Scottish accent.
Happy Families, f.

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