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Fans fund films (The Glass House 15/2/06)

A UK company is filming a new scheme to fund movies by offering investors who pay between ten and a hundred pounds a copy of the DVD, an executive producer credit and a chance to become an extra. Over 1.6 million people have signed up – that’s gunna make their coffee-shop scene pretty crowded.

It’s a safer bet getting people to fund films before they’ve been made rather than expect them to pay up at the Box Office. In fact the next move is to get rid of the film altogether; just ask people to pay a bunch of cash and get a DVD with their name on it…

The Executive Producer credit list at the start of the film now lasts until the eighty minute mark.

Australian filmmakers are watching the experiment with interest; this whole concept of “money” is a bit of a novelty to them.

If you want to help produce Dave Hughes: International Man of Mystery please send me $20 and I’ll send you a DVD, a Producer credit, and you go in the draw to star as his hat.

If you want to help produce Wil Anderson / Corinne Grant: International (Wo)Man of Mystery please send me $20 and help my quest to get off this shitty show.

I’m not sure how the movie’s going to turn out, mind you – for the lead actor they got some guy who paid a thousand pounds, and the director is being chosen by eBay.

Unlike usual film investment, the investors in this case don’t get to share in any profits. Actually, that sounds exactly like usual Australian film investment.

Then, after they finance Outlaw, they want donations for Con Man, Tax Dodger and the epic We’re Stealing Your Money And Flying To Barbados.

Instead of a few people putting in a lot of money, they’re trying to get a lot of people to put in a little money. Similarly, instead of having a few actors saying lots of words, 7000 actors get one word each. And it’s going to be shown in one theatre for six years…

They’ve also bought a mansion the same way. For just twenty pounds investors got to see their name on a personalised receipt.

The Producers are also taking a round-the-world trip funded by similar means. For just twenty pounds they promise they’ll personally wave to you as they fly past.

Another innovative funding scheme is being used for the upcoming Godfather 4. You pay $50 to not have your house burned down during filming.

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