Newsweek covers around the world (cut from The Glass House 4/10/06)

Last week’s Newsweek covers (even more ironic given that this week’s US one reads “The Price of Denial”…)

It’s a disgrace! Right across the world people are being denied the critical facts about Annie Liebowitz’s life! In pictures!

The Afghanistan cover of Newsweek had the same picture, but the headline read “Hail to our Glorious Leaders!” / “Hail to the Glorious Taliban!”/ “Death to America!”

It’s just a sensible commercial decision. Americans just aren’t that into reading about that old war – “that one were over before we invaded Iraq, weren’t it?” / “weren’t that one over when we captured Osamiban and killed Saddama bin Laden?”

Newsweek’s editor said Americans don’t like the word ‘losing’. They’ve had to change the headline to “Unwinning Afghanistan”. / “Coming Second Aint So Bad”. / “The Silver Medal’s OURS!!!”

The US lost Afghanistan years ago. They even went looking for it in Iraq…

But it’s not actually covering up the real news for Americans. It’s actually just pandering to the rest of the world’s insatiable lust for anti-Americanism.

That’s Annie Liebowitz, Spiritual Leader of the Taliban – Live from Kabul!

The “My Life in Pictures” cover was chosen at the last minute over a cover reading “The Taliban: Not So Bad After All”.

Incidentally, the Martian edition of Newsweek includes no mention whatsoever of their disastrous battle for Phobos.

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