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Good News! Week!

EDIT 21/1/07: Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, never believe what a writer tells you… according to Channel 10’s press release published at TV Tonight the show will actually be on Mondays at 8:30pm, not 9pm as I said yesterday. As that great poet Homer once put it, “D’oh!”

Well, you may have heard the news that Channel 10 is reviving the show after which my employer GNW-TV is named: Good News Week. In more good news for Mat and I, we’ve been given three days writing work per week rather than the one day we had been working on The Sideshow and The Glass House. This may mean even more blogging material from us this year as we generate reams of jokes to go through the GNW joke-filter. It’s going to air Mondays at 8:30pm starting February 11.

Our first job was coming up with a whole bunch of new game ideas so hopefully it’ll have a whole new sheen of freshness. Paul McDermott is the host, but beyond that I’m afraid I’m unable to provide you with any details (eg. team captains) as I actually don’t know.

From this end, it’s fun already! W00t is I believe the term some like to use on the interwebs.

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I have some material I would like to send to GNW. I was informed that you guys pay for material if you use it. Could you please tell me who I need to send it to?
Romony Rogers.

Hi. I am intereted in sending GNW a whole bunch of news-related comedy material I have been writing and performing. Where should I send it and how much do they pay?
Romony Rogers

Fantastic. Was a fan of the show way back in my youth and looking forward to the new revamp. Paul McD is made for TV and since GNW is preceding Supernatural, my Monday nights are pretty much taken up now.

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